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First Time Boxerwith boxSTRONG

First, Welcome!  And thank you for adventuring into something new.  From the start with boxSTRONG, we want you to know that we are committed to creating a laid back environment for support & personal growth.  To help you feel more prepared, we have detailed how to start off strong...

Just contact us in advance to schedule!

We have on-site hand-wraps and gloves for your first Session but we encourage you to invest in your own equipment going forward - after many sweaty uses, you'll be glad to have your own!

Our workouts are designed for all fitness levels, genders & ages. We recommended you attend a brief BASICS session prior to your first 15 Round Session as we are committed to you starting educated, safe & strong! 

We hope by now you are a boxSTRONG believer, excited to come back for more and prepared to graduate to our 15 Round Sessions!  We provide several ways for you to join us again. 

Choose your option then take the next step and get a spot reserved!

Do so by accessing our portal here.

Run out of sessions in your package?  Replenish at any time! 

Once you've signed up for our portal, you are good to simply LOG IN each time after!

For any 15- Round Session or Personal Box Session booked, come prepared with athletic wear and your wraps and gloves.  Sessions begin promptly, so arrive early enough to wrap your hands and be ready to go!

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